The Process of Healing

On February 3, 2010 I entered my third year of being cancer free.  Today was my regular 3 month check-up with my oncologist and I am happy to report all is well and that my tumor markers all look good.  Why then do I feel like a basket case?  During my appointment my Doctor and I discussed the long-reaching and long-term effects of surviving cancer and it’s treatment.  Unlike other illnesses where one’s life usually returns to normal after the illness has run its course, the life of a cancer survivor never really returns to normal because we  are never completely free from the threat of a reoccurrence.    For me, this has ment that I have had to re-learn how to do everyday tasks anew, through a new pair of lenses.  Lenses that are brightly full of life and slightly fearfull around the edges.  While reading Caring 4 Cancer, I ran across an article by Jemery R. Griffin M.D. that discusses what he calls “The Seven Levels of Healing”.   According to Dr. Griffin all seven levels of healing are all connected and they are 1.  Education and Information, 2.  Connection with Others, 3.  The Body as Garden, 4.  Emotional Healing, 5. The Nature of Mind,  6.  Life Assessment and 7.   The Nature of Spirit.  For me true healing has come through  recognizing that my physical well-being as well as my emotional and spiritual well-being are all deeply interconnected.  What I have experienced is that long after treatment is completed, I am still processing the trauma and gifts of surviving cancer.   While understanding that the  landscape of  a young cancer survivor’s life after  is still a relatively new frontier, there is information out there for us.  With that information in hand we can take back control of our lives.  We can find the support and tools needs to re-learn how to do “everyday” life and drive the effort to raise awareness about the situations that are unique to young cancer survivors.  It is through my healing journey that can I understand why on appointment days I am so freaked out.   Having said all that I am so glad to be a live and on my journey through the Seven Levels of Healing, knowing that I am not alone and that there is a beautiful life after cancer.


2 responses to “The Process of Healing

  1. So happy to hear there is someone else out there, with the same fears, but with also the same positive note…It is such a rollercoaster ride, if I ever get to the point of being thru treatment I realize that the fear of when/if it will come back will always haunt me….Please let’s pray for all and show us how to enjoy the every day things in life again…

    • Debi,
      Thank you for your comment. You will get thru treatment and while you may all have to deal with the possibility of a re-occurrence you also we see the world in a whole new way. For the colors of life are brighter more vibrant! And while is sucks that I had to have cancer in my late 30’s, I am grateful that this new awareness and exuberance for living life has come while I’m in the prime of my life rather then at the end of my life.
      Keep checking back and let us know how you are doing and until we meet again, I am praying for you and those who suffer at the hand of cancer!

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