Knowledge is Power

Let me start this post by first saying I am sorry that I have not been posting on a regular basis.  It seems these days that my “Life After Cancer” has gotten a little busy new love, new living situations and new adventures and I couldn’t be more thrilled.  It feels so wonderful to actually participate in my life instead of sitting stalled on the side of the road while cancer was behind the wheel. 

In my last post, “The Process of Healing”, I spoke about the importance of processing and healing the trauma that comes with a cancer diagnoses.  Educating myself and gathering timely and cutting edge information about what was happening to me, not only helped me to save my life but it also somehow helped my get some of my power back.  In the 2 seconds that it took my doctor to uttered those 3 words (and they were not I Love You) all my power was sucked right out of me.  I felt like I had just been strapped to the front of a runaway train that was headed straight into a mountain side.  The process of pro-actively educating myself meant that I could participate in the efforts to keep this train on the tracks and in face the information (and my faith in a God of my understanding, more on that later)  was my tunnel through that mountain. 

There was a strong sense of urgency that accompanied my diagnose.  My cancer was serious and time was of the essence.   So I went home got on-line and ordered every cancer book on Amazon and searched out every on-line resource in an effort to understand what was happening to me.  Now I may have gone a little overboard but at the time it helped me focus on solutions and not the problem.  And it enabled me to have conversations with doctors who were using words that contained at lest 16 syllables.  For me, understanding what I was dealing with meant that I could make better choices about my treatment.    It also allowed me to have faith in the choices of my intuition.  Each one us knows what is best for our bodies and sometimes we just need more information so that we feel confident enough to hear what our bodies need us to.

This process of education did not end for me when my treatment ended.  In fact it is really just beginning.  It is enabling me to discover how to live a productive life that has meaning for me.  There is no roadmap or instruction manual that came at the beginning of my cancer journey, but by educating myself it has helped me to start trail blazing my “Life After Cancer”.


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